Subacute toxic effects of polyvinyl chloride microplastics (PVC-MPs) in juvenile common carp, Cyprinus carpio (Pisces: Cyprinidae)

صفحه 233-242
Hosna Darabi؛ Azar Baradaran؛ Karim Ebrahimpour


Assessment of the log smuggling causes in Caspian forests, north of Iran

صفحه 243-251
Mehrdad Nikooy؛ Mohaddeseh Hajatnia؛ Bahman Sotoudeh Foumani؛ Elahe Mohammadi


Determination of acute toxicity of sodium chloride and its effect on pathological lesions of gills, liver and kidney of fingerling kutum, Rutilus kutum (Kamensky, 1901)

صفحه 253-264
Yalda Nazari؛ Ali Sadeghpour؛ Hossein Khara


Survey and characterization of water resources and soils around Wadi Rehana region in the western desert of Iraq

صفحه 265-274
Mohammed Abdal-Mnam Hassan؛ M.T. Yaqub؛ Abdulkarem A.M. Alalwany؛ M. Mosab.


Studying the adding of sheep and cows rumen liquid to drinking water as a probiotic and its effect on productive traits and economic indicator of meat broiler

صفحه 275-281
J. Ismael Murtadha؛ Ali J. Hammod


Using ozone for activation of manufactured porous media to improve the removal efficiency of heavy metals from industrial wastewater

صفحه 283-294
Abdulrahman Saleh Ibrahim؛ Rawaa Fahim Chyad Al-Hamadani؛ Tasnim Fahim Chyad؛ Sanaa H. Ali


Determination of optimum conditions for the production of the mother culture of the medicinal wild mushroom, Agaricus bellanniae isolated from hot Iraqi environment (Baghdad Governorate)

صفحه 295-306
Batool Shakir Abed Almjalawi؛ Rukaibaa Ali Chechan؛ Dina Suad Ali؛ Uroba Abed Shama؛ Ekhlas Mohammed Farhan


Seasonal variations in primary productivity and biomass of phytoplankton in the waters of the southern part of the general estuary / Dhi Qar/Iraq

صفحه 307-314
Huda Natiq Faris؛ Shaimaa Talib Abedali؛ Murooj Abbas Buhlool AL-Ghizzi


Design of dissolved air flotation (DAF) process for treating dyes-contaminated wastewater

صفحه 315-322
Zainab A. Nasir؛ Younis Swadi Tlaiaa؛ Ahmed Hassoon Ali


The role of community forestry in catastrophic recovery: A case of reconstruction in post-earthquake in Gorkha district, Nepal

صفحه 323-336
Prabin Poudel؛ Nripesh Kunwar؛ Yam Bahadur Rumba؛ Rabin Paudel


Hormonal and enzymatic analysis for pancreas of diabetic and obese mice in Iraq

صفحه 337-349
Nasreen Habib Humaidan Al-Moussawi


Effects of chemical herbicides and Datura leaves extract on the companion weed of two barley cultivars Hordeum vulgare L., the yield and its components

صفحه 351-357
Rafid Ahmed Abbas Al-khaldy؛ Watheq Falhi Hammood؛ Suhad Mathkoor A. Safi


Synthesis, antioxidant and antitumor activities of new coumarins grafted to 5-fluorouracil

صفحه 359-365
Yasser Fakri Mustafa؛ Moath Kahtan Bashir؛ Mahmood Khudhayer Oglah


Antibacterial activity, anti-adherence and anti-biofilm activities of plants extracts against Aggregatibacter actinomycetemcomitans: An in vitro study in Hilla City, Iraq

صفحه 367-372
Rasha Fadhel Obaid؛ Nada Khazal Kadhim Hindi؛ Samah Ahmed Kadhum؛ Lubab aqeel jafaar alwaeli؛ Abduladheem Turki Jalil


Effect of fulvic acid and chitosan in the growth of Roselle plants, Hibiscus sabdarrifa L and their nutrient content

صفحه 373-383
Hala Jumaah Asree؛ Noor Emad Kareem؛ Ahmed Ali Khirallah


Assessment of the pollution degree for some heavy elements in street dust around the shrine of Imam Hussein, Kerbala, Iraq

صفحه 385-391
Asaad Sh. M. Alhesnawi؛ Haider Naeem Al-Ashbal؛ Batool Shakir Abed Almjalawi


Susceptibility analysis of Arcobacter isolated from fresh cheeses from municipal markets to fluoroquinolones in Guaranda City, Ecuador

صفحه 393-399
Favian Bayas-Morejón؛ Riveliño Ramón-Curay؛ Jagger Segura-Ochoa؛ Jenny Martínez


Toxic effects of various oil concentrations obtained from Rosmarinus officinalis on Musca domestica adults (Diptera: Muscidae) in different time periods

صفحه 401-405
Khalid Mohammed Abbas؛ Athraa H. Jasim Al-Rahmanny


Effect of smoking on infection with COVID-19

صفحه 407-411
Hiyame Abdul Ridha Al-Awade


Investigation of Critical Risk Factors and Level of Risk for Environmentally damage induced by house projects

صفحه 413-421
Budi Priyanto؛ Muhammad Nur Sahid؛ Mochamad Solikin؛ Jundulloh Al Faruqi


Characteristics and deviation patterns of agricultural land use in tourism area of Canggu, Bali, Indonesia

صفحه 423-430
Ida Bagus Surya Suamba؛ Ngakan Made Anom Wiryasa؛ Ngakan Ketut Acwin Dwijendra؛ I Dewa Gede Agung Diasana Putra


A law-abiding behaviour of the indigenous peoples in realizing environmental law enforcement in South Sulawesi, Indonesia

صفحه 431-435
Asmah Asmah؛ Shinta Nurhidayati Salam


Collection and diagnosis of some wild plants in the vicinity of Samarra University, Iraq

صفحه 437-440
Shaima Hassan Ali Al- Abbasi؛ Ali H. Altaef؛ Marwan Q.AL-Samarraie؛ Ali Talib Hassan Al-Naqib؛ Abdulhamead Adnan Majeed Al-Majmaei


Introducing Hygrocybe ceracea (Sowerby) P. Kumm: Parasite of Funaria hygrometrica Hedw. (Bryophyta) in the north of Iran

صفحه 441-446
Razieh Taghavizad؛ Reza Nazarian

سامانه مدیریت نشریات علمی. قدرت گرفته از سیناوب