A moving kriging interpolation-based meshfree method for solving two-phase elasticity system

صفحه 1-12
Ameneh Taleei


A combined dictionary learning and TV model for image restoration with convergence analysis

صفحه 13-30
Souad Mohaoui؛ Abdelilah Hakim؛ Said Raghay


Lower bound approximation of nonlinear basket option with jump-diffusion

صفحه 31-44
Yasser Taherinasab؛ Ali Reza Soheili؛ Mohammad Amini


Almost periodic positive solutions for a time-delayed SIR epidemic model with saturated treatment on time scales

صفحه 45-60
Kapula Rajendra Prasad؛ Mahammad Khuddush؛ Kuparala Venkata Vidyasagar


Solving the Basset equation via Chebyshev collocation and LDG methods

صفحه 61-79
Mohammad Izadi؛ Mehdi Afshar


An RBF approach for oil futures pricing under the jump-diffusion model

صفحه 81-92
Mohammad Karimnejad Esfahani؛ Abdolsadeh Neisy؛ Stefano De Marchi


Caputo-Hadamard fractional differential equation with impulsive boundary conditions

صفحه 93-106
Ankit Kumar Nain؛ Ramesh Kumar Vats؛ Avadhesh Kumar


Stability for coupled systems on networks with Caputo-Hadamard fractional derivative

صفحه 107-118
Hadjer Belbali؛ Maamar Benbachir


On global existence and Ulam-Hyers stability of $\Psi-$Hilfer fractional integrodifferential equations

صفحه 119-135
Vinod Vijaykumar Kharat؛ Anand Rajshekhar Reshimkar


Mathematical models for the variable weights version of the inverse minimax circle location problem

صفحه 137-144
Mehraneh Gholami؛ Jafar Fathali

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