An efficient numerical approach for singularly perturbed parabolic convection-diffusion problems with large time-lag

صفحه 173-110
Naol Negero؛ Gemechis Duressa


Existence of positive solutions for a $p$-Laplacian equation with applications to Hematopoiesis

صفحه 191-201
Seshadev Padhi؛ Jaffar Ali؛ Ankur Kanaujiya؛ Jugal Mohapatra


On the stability functions of second derivative implicit advanced-step point methods

صفحه 203-212
Gholamreza Hojjati؛ Leila Taheri Koltape


Inverse spectral problems for arrowhead matrices

صفحه 213-225
Ferya Fathi؛ Mohammad Ali Fariborzi Araghi؛ Seyed Abolfazl Shahzadeh Fazeli


A bargaining game model for performance evaluation in network DEA considering shared inputs in the presence of undesirable outputs

صفحه 227-245
Sharifeh Soofizadeh؛ Reza Fallahnejad


Local discontinuous Galerkin method for the numerical solution of fractional compartmental model with application in pharmacokinetics

صفحه 247-261
Hadi Mohammadi-Firouzjaei؛ Mona Adibi؛ Hojatollah Adibi


Accurate and fast matrix factorization for low-rank learning

صفحه 263-278
Reza Godaz؛ Reza Monsefi؛ Faezeh Toutounian؛ Reshad Hosseini


A new fifth-order symmetrical WENO-Z scheme for solving Hamilton-Jacobi equations

صفحه 279-297
Rooholah Abedian


An efficient wavelet-based numerical method to solve nonlinear Fredholm integral equation of second kind with smooth kernel

صفحه 299-313
Jyotirmoy Mouley؛ Birendra Nath Mandal


Combination of Sinc and radial basis functions for time-space fractional diffusion equations

صفحه 315-329
Solmaz Mohammadi Rick؛ Rashidinia Jalil؛ Amir hosein Refahi Sheikhani


Study on the stability for implicit second-order differential equation via integral boundary conditions

صفحه 331-348
Ahmed Mohamed Ahmed El-Sayed؛ Hind Hassan Gaber Hashem؛ Shorouk Mahmoud Al-Issa


Numerical solutions of system of two-dimensional Volterra integral equations via operational matrices of hybrid functions

صفحه 349-365
Khosrow Maleknejad؛ Maryam Shahabi

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