Evaluation of trace element contents and human health risk assessment via consumption of Liza aurata from the southern coasts of the Caspian Sea, Iran

صفحه 379-390
Mehrnoush Norouzi


Rainfall and dust interception potentials of oak trees and plantations in the Zagros region

صفحه 391-399
Fariborz Gheibi؛ Hadi Kiadaliri؛ Pedram Attarod؛ Sasan Babaei Kafaky؛ Anoushirvan Shirvany


Sturgeon caviar and cardiovascular diseases, Caspian Sea wild and farmed beluga, Huso huso caviar and their lipid quality indices

صفحه 401-413
Shahrzad Barimani؛ Masoud Hedayatifard؛ Ali Motamedzadegan؛ Abbas Bozorgnia


Antixenosis resistance of one-year-old poplar seedlings of different clones to poplar clearwing moth, Paranthrene tabaniformis Rott. (Lep.: Sessiidae)

صفحه 415-422
Mansour Salehi؛ Mehrdad Ghods khah Daryaei؛ Beitollah Amanzadeh؛ Seyyed Abdollah Mousavi Koper


Physicochemical characterization of wastewater from the Al-Hoceima slaughterhouse in Morocco

صفحه 423-429
A. El Abdouni؛ S. Bouhout؛ I. Merimi؛ B. Hammouti؛ K. Haboubi


Regression and validation studies of the spread of novel COVID-19 in Iraq using mathematical and dynamic neural networks models: A case of the first six months of 2020

صفحه 431-440
Anees A. Khadom؛ A Khudhair Al-Jiboory؛ Mustafa S. Mahdi؛ Hameed B. Mahood


Water resources sustainability under climate variability and population growth in Iran: A system dynamics approach

صفحه 441-455
Ghasem Layani؛ Mohammad Bakhshoodeh؛ Mansour Zibaei


Molecular diversity and phylogenetic analysis of Azerbaijan oaks (Quercus spp.) revealed by RAPD markers

صفحه 457-468
Gullu Aliyeva؛ Javid Ojaghi؛ Samira Rustamova


Status and trend analysis in landscape pattern through field-based sampling data

صفحه 469-481
Habib Ramezani؛ Farhad Ramezani


Atopic allergy to allergens inhaled by displaced people in Mosul City

صفحه 483-494
Farah Younus Hussein؛ Israa Nadhim Lateef؛ Enas Abdul Muneim Al-Layla


Evaluating the environmental and therapeutic impacts of dietary supplement (Case study: The supplement Oyox for prevention of environment damages, treatment and disorders in the hepatobilliary system)

صفحه 495-502
Roman Roitman؛ Wolfgang Schatton؛ Evgeny Ilyich Maevsky


Taxonomic significance of anatomical characters in some species of Caryophyllaceae Family in Iraq

صفحه 503-511
Sadeq Sabeeh Kareem Al-taie؛ Sahar A. A. Malik Al-Saadi


Removal of toxic textile dyes from aqueous solution through adsorption onto coconut husk waste: Thermodynamic and isotherm studies

صفحه 513-522
Amer M. J. Alshamri؛ Aseel M. Aljeboree؛ Mohammed B. Alqaragully؛ Ayad F. Alkaim


Effects of land use change on macroinvertebrate community composition in upper reaches of the Chehel-Chai chatchment, Iran

صفحه 523-533
Mohammad Gholizade؛ Seied Ali Rezvani؛ Mohammad Zibaei


Measuring pollution based on total petroleum hydrocarbons and total organic carbon in Tigris River, Maysan Province, Southern Iraq

صفحه 535-545
LAZIM Israa Ibrahim؛ AL NAQEEB Neran Adnan


Comparative analysis of NDVI and CHIRPS-based SPI to assess drought impacts on crop yield in Basrah Governorate, Iraq

صفحه 547-557
Raheem Attafi؛ Ali Darvishi Boloorani؛ Ayad M. Fadhil Al-Quraishi؛ Farshad Amiraslani


Risk evaluation and distribution of arsenic concentration in groundwater resources of villages in Jiroft County, Kerman Province, Iran

صفحه 559-573
Bahador Abolpour؛ Mohammad Najaf Tarqi؛ Yousef Askari Dolatabad؛ Fatemeh Salahi Sarbijan


Agricultural insurance: Vegetable production efficiency increase

صفحه 575-579
Anastasia V. Konstantinovich؛ Vadim A. Konstantinovich


The level of knowledge of poultry fields workers in Najaf Province, Iraq with preventive practices against bird flu disease

صفحه 581-587
Laith Jaafar Hussein Hnoosh


Ecological and hydrogeological state of oil and gas bearing areas of the Barents and Kara seas shelf

صفحه 589-595
Sergey Sergeevich Vlasenko؛ Sergey Mikhailovich Sudarikov

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