An application of histological technique for monitoring health status of fish species, Leuciscus aspius (Linnaeus, 1758) inhabiting Aras River, Iran

صفحه 187-199
Mohsen Abbaszadeh؛ Turgay Şişman


Seasonal dynamics and quantity distribution of zoobenthos in the north-west part of the South Caspian Sea

صفحه 201-210
G.S. Mirzoev


Effects of diazinon on olfactory epithelium and genes related to olfactory signal transduction in Caspian roach, Rutilus caspicus

صفحه 211-218
Mahboubeh Hosseinzade؛ Bagher Mojazi Amiri؛ Yousef Iri؛ Hadi Poorbagher


Evaluation of Pasikhan River, north of Iran using water quality index (NSFWQI)

صفحه 219-230
Atie Omidi؛ Fatemeh Shariati


Scale deformities in three species of the genus Garra (Actinopterygii: Cyprinidae)

صفحه 231-238
Halimeh Zareian؛ Hamid Reza Esmaeili؛ Ali Gholamhosseini


Estimation and counter- validation of LISS-III derived leaf area index in Deltaic vegetation

صفحه 239-249
Abhisek Santra؛ Shreyashi Santra Mitra؛ Suman Sinha


Response of sorghum to effect of two azo dye bacteria

صفحه 251-260
Alaa Jasim Mohammed Al-Shemmary؛ Maysoon Mahdi Salih Al-Taee


Comparison and correlation of phytochemical content with antioxidant potential of different parts of Argan tree, Argania spinosa L.

صفحه 261-266
Yousra El Idrissi؛ Hamza El Moudden,؛ Hicham Harhar؛ Abdelkader Zarrouk؛ Mohammed Tabyaoui


Textile dyes as a major problem for the environment: Comparative removal of the highly toxic textile dyes from aqueous solution

صفحه 267-275
Aseel M Aljeboree


Larvicidal activity of Melaleuca leucadendra leaves extract against Aedes aegypti

صفحه 277-285
Mitoriana Porusia؛ Desi Septiyana


Optimization of Forestry, Infrastructure and Fire Management

صفحه 287-316
Peter Lohmander


Ecotones and forest communities along an elevation gradient in Hyrcanian forests, north of Iran

صفحه 317-323
Ashagh Ataei؛ Farid Kazemnezhad؛ Majid Eshagh Nimvari؛ Ali Sheykholeslami


Assessing the rice straw effects on the soil erosion rate in forest road cut slope embankments

صفحه 325-339
Pejman Dalir؛ Ramin Naghdi؛ Vahid Gholami


Evaluation of end-of-season drought stress tolerance in some rice genotypes, north of Iran

صفحه 341-352
Ali Vahdati؛ Naser Mohebalipour؛ Ebrahim Amiri؛ Ali Akbar Ebadi؛ Ali Faramarzi


Correlation between international and national law rules in the Russian Federation concerning to environmental protection of the Caspian Sea

صفحه 353-363
Аraz Mursaliev؛ Ogtay ogli


Tourism market relies heavily on environmental and natural factors

صفحه 365-374
Olga Yu. Voronkova؛ Sabina T. Akhmedkhanova؛ Sergey A. Nikiforov؛ Alexey V. Tolmachev؛ Igor B. Vakhrushev؛ Afanasiy A. Sergin

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