Importance of hydrological parameters in the distribution of planktonic eggs and larvae in an upwelling zone (Imessouane Bay, Moroccan Atlantic Coast)

صفحه 1-12
A. Amazzal؛ E. Ait-Talborjt؛ J. Hermas؛ N. Hafidi


The environmental management system and its application impacts on the business economy in the eastern region of Morocco

صفحه 13-20
Z. Mdehheb؛ B. Elkihel؛ M. Bouamama؛ B. Hammouti؛ F. Delaunois


Heavy metal bioaccumulation and distribution in Typha latifolia and Arundo donax: implication for phytoremediation

صفحه 21-29
A. Azizi؛ A. Krika؛ F. Krika


Phytoplankton assemblage with relation to water quality in Turag River of Bangladesh

صفحه 31-45
M. Khatun؛ A.K.M. Rashidul Alam


Influences of temperature, waste size and residence time on the generation of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons during the fast pyrolysis of medical waste

صفحه 47-57
H.R. Zolfagharpour؛ P. Nowrouz؛ A. Mohseni‐Bandpei؛ M. Majlesi؛ M. Rafiee؛ F. Khalili


Effect of dietary selenium nanoparticles and chitosan oligosaccharide on biochemical parameters of Caspian roach (Rutilus caspicus) under malathion stress

صفحه 59-71
A. Zahmatkesh؛ K. Karimzadeh؛ M. Faridnia


The effect of tree covers on reducing noise pollution load in Saravan Forest Park, Guilan Province, Iran

صفحه 73-80
M. Mohammadi Galangash؛ P. Nikkhah؛ M. Nikooy


Management challenges and adaptations with climate change in Iran forests

صفحه 81-91
M.H. Karim؛ A. Sardar Shahraki؛ S. Kiani Ghalesard؛ F. Fahimi

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