A new outlier detection method for high dimensional fuzzy databases based on LOF

صفحه 123-136
Alireza Fakharzadeh Jahromi؛ Zahra Ebrahimi Mimand


Existence and uniqueness of integrable solutions of fractional order initial value equations

صفحه 137-148
Bhausaheb Sontakke؛ Amjad Shaikh؛ Kottakkaran Nisar


A mathematical modeling of pulsatile blood flow through a stenosed artery under effect of a magnetic field

صفحه 149-164
Ahmad Reza Haghighi؛ Nooshin Aliashrafi


Mathematical modeling of the migration's effect and analysis of the spreading of a cholera epidemic

صفحه 165-186
Eric Kokomo؛ Yves Emvudu


Inverse eigenvalue problem of interval nonnegative matrices of order $\le 3$

صفحه 187-194
Alimohammad Nazari؛ Maryam Zeinali؛ Hamid Mesgarani


Analysis of mixed priority retrial queueing system with two way communication and working breakdown

صفحه 195-212
Ayyappan Govindan؛ Udayageetha Jayaraj


An $M^{[X]}/G(a,b)/1$ queue with unreliable server, re-service on server's decision, balking and Bernoulli vacation schedule under multiple vacation policy

صفحه 213-238
Ayyappan Govindan؛ Nirmala Marimuthu


On the mild solution for nonlocal impulsive fractional semilinear differential inclusion in Banach spaces

صفحه 239-258
Nawal A. Alsarori؛ Kirtiwant P. Ghadle


A multi objective model for maximizing immunogenicity level of vaccination while minimizing cost and extra-immunization

صفحه 259-274
Ahmad Makui؛ Rouzbeh Ghousi؛ Saeid Zhalefruzan

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