Application of visual surveys to estimate acorn production of Brant`s oak (Quercus brantii Lindl.) in northern Zagros Forests of Iran

صفحه 85-95
P. Panahi؛ M. Pourhashemi؛ M. Zandebasiri


Effect of black surfaces to increase the average surface temperature of the earth: A global warning!

صفحه 19-27
S. Ehsan؛ A.R. Atarodi*؛ M. Kianmehr


Assessment of fish farm effluents on macroinvertebrates based on biological indices in Tajan River (north Iran)

صفحه 29-39
J. Imanpour Namin؛ M. Sharifinia؛ A. Bozorgi Makrani


Habitat suitability modeling for wild goat (Capra aegagrus) in a mountainous arid area, central Iran

صفحه 41-51
J. Sarhangzadeh؛ A.R. Yavari؛ M.R. Hemami؛ H.R. Jafari؛ B. Shams-Esfandabad


Adsorption of Strontium (II) on new ion-imprinted solid-phase support: determination, isotherms, thermodynamic and kinetic studies

صفحه 53-63
H. Sid Kalal؛ N. Pakizevand؛ H. Hoveidi؛ M. Taghiof؛ S. Tavangari؛ H. Ahmad Panahi


A review of some ecological factors affecting the growth of Azolla spp.

صفحه 65-76
K. Sabetraftar؛ R. Zarkami؛ R. Sadeghi؛ P. Van Damme


Municipal solid waste collection and management strategies in Akure, South-Western Nigeria

صفحه 1-10
A. J. Oloruntade؛ P. A. P. A. Adeoye*؛ F. F. Alao


Survey of heavy metal (Copper, Iron, Lead, Cadmium, Zinc and Nickel) concentrations and their effects on the water quality of Anzali wetland

صفحه 11-18
M. M. Rahbar Hashemi؛ M. Ashournia؛ M. A. Rahimipour؛ H. Modaberi


Plant species in Oak (Quercus brantii Lindl.) understory and their relationship with physical and chemical properties of soil in different altitude classes in the Arghvan valley protected area, Iran

صفحه 97-110
A. Salehi؛ M. Heydari؛ H. Poorbabaei؛ T. Rostami؛ M. Begim Faghir؛ R. Ostad Hashmei


Effect of hypoxia, normoxia and hyperoxia conditions on gill histopathology in two weight groups of beluga (Huso huso)

صفحه 77-84
M. Sattari؛ F. Bagherzadeh Lakani؛ I. Sharifpour؛ R. Kazemi


Floristic study on the algae of Siahdarvishan River in Guilan Province, North Iran

صفحه 111-126
M. B. Faghir؛ S. Shafii

سامانه مدیریت نشریات علمی. قدرت گرفته از سیناوب