Natural diet of Macrobrachium nipponense shrimp from three habitats in Anzali Wetland, Iran

صفحه 101-111
F Lavajoo؛ N Amrollahi Biuki؛ A.A Khanipour؛ Al Mirzajani؛ J Gutiérrez Fruitos؛ A Akbarzadeh


Skeletal ontogeny of the caudal complex in Caspian kutum, Rutilus kutum (Kamensky, 1901) (Teleostei: Cyprinidae) during early development

صفحه 113-119
P Farhang؛ S Eagderi


An assessment of landscape diversity using large scale field-based forest inventory

صفحه 121-130
H Ramezani


Effects of cortisol treatment on the salinity tolerance of Persian sturgeon, Acipenser persicus Juveniles

صفحه 131-142
S.A Shirangi؛ M.R Kalbassi؛ S Khodabandeh؛ J.H Lignot


Shelf life of refrigerated silver carp, Hypophthalmichthys molitrix, fillets treated with chitosan film and coating incorporated with ginger extract

صفحه 143-153
H Rostamzad؛ R Abbasi Mesrdashti؛ E Akbari Nargesi؛ Z Fakouri


Spatial analysis of biodiversity soil macrofauna in Populus deltoides plantation of northern forests of Iran

صفحه 155-162
N Ghorbanzadeh؛ H Pourbabaei؛ A Salehi؛ A.A Soltani Toolarood؛ S.J. Alavi


Multivariate and geostatistical analyses of selected heavy metals in surface soils of Semnan industrial complex and surrounding areas

صفحه 163-174
M Nikravesh؛ A Karimi؛ I Esfandiarpour Borujeni؛ A Fotovat


Heavy metals health risk assessment through consumption of some foodstuffs marketed in city of Hamedan, Iran

صفحه 175-183
S Sobhanardakani

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