Status and prediction of carbon monoxide as an air pollutant in Ahvaz City, Iran

صفحه 203-213
E Asadifard؛ M Masoudi


Remote sensing-assisted mapping of quantitative attributes in Zagros open forests of Iran

صفحه 215-230
L Soleimannejad؛ A.E. Bonyad؛ R. Naghdi


Microdust impact on leaf gas exchange parameters in oak species of Northern Zagros forests, west of Iran

صفحه 231-239
A Moradi؛ K Taheri Abkenar؛ M Afshar Mohammadian؛ N Shabanian


Radon transfer from water to milk

صفحه 241-248
M Mansour Bahmany؛ A Vakili؛ M Danesh Mesgaran؛ M.R Rezaie Rayeni؛ E Rezvan Nejhad


Removal of brilliant blue pollution from the environment using nano polyaniline hazelnut skin composite and evaluation of effective parameters

صفحه 249-258
M Banimahd Keivani


Bacterial diversity in south coast of the Caspian Sea: Culture-dependent and culture-independent survey

صفحه 259-269
A Makhdoumi


Morphological changes in the southern coasts of the Caspian Sea using remote sensing and GIS

صفحه 271-285
P Alemi Safaval؛ M Kheirkhah Zarkesh؛ S.A Neshaei؛ F Ejlali


Removal of reactive black 5 dye from aqueous solutions by Fe3O4@SiO2-APTES nanoparticles

صفحه 287-301
Z Bozorgpanah Kharat؛ M Mohammadi Galangash؛ A Ghavidast؛ M Shirzad-Siboni

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