Review of the genus Alburnoides Jeitteles, 1861 (Actinopterygii, Cyprinidae) from Iran with description of three new species from the Caspian Sea and Kavir basins

صفحه 293-331
H. Mousavi-Sabet؛ S. Vatandoust؛ I. Doadrio


Application of multivariate statistics and geostatistical techniques to identify the spatial variability of heavy metals in groundwater resources

صفحه 333-347
F. Khanduzi؛ A. Parizanganeh؛ A. Zamani


Statistical evaluation of topsoil heavy metal pollution around a lead and zinc production plant in Zanjan province, Iran

صفحه 349-361
A. Zamani؛ M.R. Yaftian؛ A. Parizanganeh


Fish assemblages as influenced by environmental factors in Taleghan River (the Caspian Sea basin, Alborz Province, Iran)

صفحه 363-371
M. Zamani Faradonbe؛ S. Eagderi


Performance evaluation of forest management plans (Case study: Iranian Caspian forests)

صفحه 373-382
J. Malaei Boosari؛ S. Mohammadi Limaei؛ A. Amirteimoori


Toxicity comparison of silver nanoparticles synthesized by physical and chemical methods to tadpole (Rana ridibunda)

صفحه 383-390
S.A. Johari؛ I. Sourinejad؛ S. Asghari؛ N. Bärsch


Environmental impact and sedimentary structures of mud volcanoes in southeast of the Caspian Sea basin, Golestan Province, Iran

صفحه 391-405
M. Ranjbaran؛ F. Sotohian


First record of Limnodrilus claparedeianus Ratzel, 1868 (Annelida: Oligochaeta: Tubificidae) in Anzali Wetland, Guilan province, Iran

صفحه 407-416
F. Nazarhaghighi؛ R. Mousavi Nadoushan؛ N. Shabanipour؛ M.R. Fatemi؛ A. Mashinchian Moradi


When Do We Feel Sorry for Others? : An Externality of Lake Use as an Example

صفحه 417-425
Y. Kawata

سامانه مدیریت نشریات علمی. قدرت گرفته از سیناوب