Nutritional value and heavy metal content of fishmeal from the Southwest Caspian Sea

صفحه 307-317
S Janbakhsh؛ S.P Hosseini Shekarabi؛ M Shamsaie Mergan


The effect of grazing and anthropogenic disturbances on floristic and physiognomic characteristics in oriental beech communities, Masal Forest, Iran

صفحه 319-332
S.S Ebrahimi؛ H Pourbabaei؛ D Pothier


Effects of wind velocity and soil characteristics on dust storm generation in Hawr-al-Azim Wetland, Southwest Iran

صفحه 333-347
A Adib؛ M Oulapour؛ A Chatroze


Forecasting the catch of kilka species (Clupeonella spp.) using Time Series SARIMA models in the Southern Caspian Sea

صفحه 349-358
K Amiri؛ N Shabanipour؛ S Eagderi


Purification and characterization of lysozyme in Persian sturgeon, Acipenser persicus (Borodin, 1897) from the Southwest Caspian Sea

صفحه 359-367
R Badan-Ara Marzdashti؛ M.R Aghamaali؛ A Varasteh؛ M.R Nowruzfashkhami؛ F Sabkara


Forest fire vulnerability map using remote sensing data, GIS and AHP analysis (Case study: Zarivar Lake surrounding area)

صفحه 369-377
S.B Rasooli؛ A.E Bonyad؛ M Pir Bavaghar


How much is the use values of forest ecosystem services? Case study: north forests of Iran

صفحه 379-394
K Jahanifar؛ H Amirnejad؛ Z Abedi؛ A Vafaeinejad


Age determination and growth rate of Capoeta trutta in Azad Dam Lake, Kurdistan Province, Iran

صفحه 395-404
H Fazli؛ G Daryanabard؛ M Naderi Jelodar؛ R Mirzaei؛ H Hosseinpour؛ H. Taleshian؛ F Bagherzadeh

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