Effects of impervious surfaces and urban development on runoff generation and flood hazard in the Hajighoshan watershed

دوره 8، شماره 1، فروردین 2010، صفحه 1-12
V. Gholami؛ M. Mohseni Saravi؛ H. Ahmadi


Environmental impacts assessment of construction and utilization phases of tourism projects in Karun Dam IV, Iran

دوره 14، شماره 2، شهریور 2016، صفحه 165-175
M. Karami؛ H. Ahmadi؛ K. Karami


Prioritizing areas for watershed management activities by preparing soil erosion intensity map (Case study: Safaroud River watershed, Northern Iran)

دوره 21، شماره 1، فروردین 2023، صفحه 177-189
A. Palham Abbasi؛ H. Ahmadi؛ Sh. Mohammad Khan؛ A. Moeini

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